Burmese Breed Information

You are never alone with a Burmese...
Burmese are outgoing, intelligent cats who will want to be involved in everything you do. Extremely friendly and affectionate, they are not suited to being an only cat but make wonderful pets. Being active and intelligent cats, Burmese need mental and physical stimulation, usually involving company (human, feline or canine) so if you work full time a Burmese is probably not for you. Burmese will spend hours chasing a feathery stick, retrieving mice or screwed up pieces of paper. If let out, Burmese are effective hunters and will bring home many “presents”. Unfortunately, Burmese have little or no road sense.

Physically, a Burmese is a medium sized cat with an elegant, well muscled body. They have a distinct nose break and their eye colour ranges from Chartreuse green to a rich golden amber. Their coat is short and shiny and requires little in the way of specialist grooming.

Kittens at 8 weeks, helping with the washing!

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